President’s Message

Irving Weinsoff

Mid-Summer 2016

Good day Rakkasans and friends,

Rakkasans what’s the latest news on the BDE? Yes the men and women will “rendezvous with destiny” once again. Without surrendering any secrets that our enemies probably already know, the BDE is loosely scheduled to start departure sometime in October. For those who genuinely follow the BDE’s future I do not know where or exactly when they leave but for sure the orders are to go. So will all sincerity and a warrior’s salute I and all Golden Rakkasans wish you lots of luck and if you trained well and listened to your leaders most of whom are veterans you will accomplish your mission.

Our next Rakkasan Reunion will be in Kansas City and we are endeavoring to have a good time with the likes of Rakkasans for the last 50 or so years. The dates and schedule are here in the Shimbun.

Many of our members who can come please do so as it may be a last time to meet your old buddies and it may be you will welcome the new leaders of the Association. We old guys did not give up, we welcomed our replacements. Several members of the BOD are retiring and I am making my last reunion as an officer. Our replacements have shown to be honorable and dedicated to both the BDE they served in and the Assn they have learned to enjoy. Don’t forget to vote. They all know their way. My successor has had my back whenever I needed him and he knows all about handling Reunions. I have been Assn attorney for 15 years, VP for 6 years and President for 6 years. I wish the new leader good luck for all. Rakkasan-Airborne. Irv